Hair Transplant Pakistan & Hair Replacement 

Hair replacement and hair transplant Pakistan is excellent solution without hair transplant surgery, hair replacement restoration is very safe and substitute of hair transplant, Hair replacement system and non surgical hair transplant for men & women. Famous surgeon Dr.Nasir Rashid is expert for non surgical hair transplant and hair replacement for men and women in Pakistan at Hair Club.

Hair replacement Pakistan is also considered as permanent solution for men and women for hair replacement systems equally because recipient can use non surgical unit for several weeks by use of medical past and integration, there are also non enduring attachments and client can wrap and unwrap the unit any time, for this special taps are given and trained from experts of non surgical hair restoration staff who guide the client how to use the tape. This kind of units is for few days and after this again by use of special non surgical tape  and unit can be easily attached.

There is another way called bonding and fusion also medical past to attach the new hairs around the hair less areas or balding/thinning parts of scalp, this process is done many times within the four to six weeks. Also to avoid the tight cord of hair because in this case there is the possibility of extra hair loss and follicular inflammation.
Hair replacement system is frequently used globally and real substitute of transplant surgery. Hair integration is another method of hair replacement in which clips of several hairs are pasted to existing hairs and also used special hair replacement from clients own hairs to full the open areas.

Female, women should not worry now and advancement of technology made it possible and really the change your lives. Once hair loss starts and not cures it at early stage and after mega loss of hairs, this is not possible to regain it so there are two options to regain hairs are surgical hair loss treatment and non surgical hair transplant & replacement of unit.
Victim of hair loss should think twice once he decided for non surgical hair replacement, because un-appropriate treatment is really damage his/her personality instead to change the look and feel. Hair club Pakistan Lahore is providing unbeatable service to its customer to pay annual fee and get unlimited maintenance and replacement.

Here in Pakistan especially in Hair Club, surgeons are trained along with state of the art hair transplant procedures and update with growing technologies with the passage of time. Advancement in the technology offers great ease for hair victims to get maximum information before start his/her hair transplant Pakistan surgery.

Faisal Qureshi Hair Replacement

Brief Note of Non Surgical Hair Replacement

There are brief procedure of nonsurgical hair transplant and replacement are encompasses base of hair, Fine Nylon monofilament mesh, other type of base, the hair itself, density of hair, the front line of hair, natural and uneven hairline, comfort and maintenance

Base for Non Surgical Hair Replacement.

Basically hairs are rooted into the base and common types of bases are second skin is recognized as Trans-Dermal Retention or Thru Hair; this stuff cannot be seen while placed on scalp. These required accurate skills for fitting and wasted on dense hair pieces when scalp does not show.
Fine Nylon monofilament mesh is invisible on skin and improved ventilated active athletic type and easily shampooed within the unit in place, very comfortable and hygienic for 5 days. Other basis includes course mesh which slightly looks un-natural, Silicone as an alternative to the see-through Polyurethane above, and very wide web netting for those thinning men who want to pull their own hair through for combination.

Hair like synthetic hair is famous for men includes some expensive synthetics such as Cyberhair from Japan, which are heat resistant.
Density is the number of hairs per square inch so it all depends on the age of client if he is in old age the we prefer for low density to look natural otherwise we go for medium to high density.

Front hair line is very important the line from where the forehead ends and hairs starts always give very bad hairpiece. And hairline of hairpiece would never be straight and it should have very uneven hairline to look very natural. Natural hairline remains silky because of sebum from the root, also dry the wet piece to roll it in a towel.

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