Hair Loss Causes in Pakistan

Hair loss in men, Importantly in men who are losing their hair and if hair fall process starts, yes the answer is genetic hair loss, physical and mental heritage is obvious, like the height, face structure, and complete heritage traits. But you are shaping in the womb and the structure of your hair pattern is genetically coded by nature, if you see the previous history and your forefathers were victim of hair loss or hair fall, it means genes responsible for hair loss in Pakistan.

Due to this reason it makes your hair fall so sensitive on the top of your head to the hormone dihydrotestosterone. Eventually theses follicles were than inclined to start shrinking at the age of adult. Once this process starts then it will continue throughout your life time. Once the hair starts to shrinking then hair growth stops to produce further hairs and eventually become finer and finer, hair growth to reach the normal length stops, and then you feel the thinning hair and hairline progresses to baldness at the time shrinking follicles no more producing hair.

Before there were real misconception that reason for hair loss is due inheriting mother’s father, later on advance research in medical science has proved genes baldness passes from both side of family some time hair fall process skips generations also.

Is Hair Care Important?

There is common phenomena that reason of hair loss starts due to not proper care, unfortunately million of rupees spend on medicines, usage of shampoos and all these treatments are not approved by FDA, only two medications Rogaine and Propecia has yet been approved by FDA for hair loss treatment. As we previously mentioned that causes of hair loss are only genetic coding and nothing else, still science and researcher are researching the biochemical process that happens within our hair follicles.

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