Hair Replacement Systems - Non Surgical Instant Solution To Hair Loss


Hair replacement systems is an instant solution to hair loss, it is important to know about the technological evolution which takes place during the age in which the traditional WIG or TOUPEE changes its self to 'HAIR SYSTEM.' In past it was easy to detect the person wearing a Wig or Toupee, this was due to the low quality materials and low level of expertise in implementation methods.

But with time the hair industry develops itself, and merge its better manufacturing standards with the advance research on the pattern of hair growth. The product produced by using advance materials and deep research is known as 'HairPiece' most commonly renowned as Hair Replacement Systems.

Hair systems are of different types, every organization have a set of unique names for each type of hairpiece to attract customers and make themselves unique & outstanding among other businesses. There are two basic types of Hair Systems, on the basis of these two models, expert plans how to manage the hairpiece to get natural results of each individual patient. Two types of HairSystem includes Stock hair System, Custom Hair System.

Stock Hair Systems:

These hairpieces are produced in mass and are designed with common color shades and hair loss pattern. These systems are sold as they are, and can be in-expensive way for hair restoration, but it might be not suitable for some persons because they might have hair loss at larger area instead of horseshoe shape.

Custom Hair System:

This is a type of hair-system which is used on patients which do not fall under the first category and have a specific type of hair loss and in specific area. Giving a natural color match and adjusting artificial hair line with your natural hair is an important step to give you an undetectable look.

Always light material is used for natural look, in addition to that front hairline is sate of art which gives best look and it is vital in the entire procedure to obtain a natural, undetectable hair restoration.

The hair replacement system is attached with 3 different types of attachments methods, which includes, tape, glue and clips. The tape and glue are widely used by Wearers, this might be because of the most secure attachment and it also helps in achieving more natural look.

You can wear hair system up to 4 weeks constantly, benefits also includes bathing, shampooing, swimming, playing and many other activities which you can't do with traditional wig or toupee. Some people don't like to wear hair system for a long period, and want to take it off each day.

On this point I will like to say that it is a personal choice, each one can choose according to its own desire and feelings, this is a great flexibility of Non surgical hair replacement systems.


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24th March, 2016 12:45 PM
plz tell me the price of hair system ...
aslo the time duration
how long last it will be
30th July, 2017 02:20 PM
Nice Article, you should mention the price ???
hair transplant in Peshawar
30th January, 2018 06:15 PM
I totally agree with you that the hair transplant is the perfect solutions for hair loss . there is no other treatment that can really give the desire results.

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