Hair Loss In Men: What Are The Causes Of Male Pattern Baldness?


Hair loss in men is also known as male pattern baldness, medical name of hair loss is androgenetic alopecia and it is common type of hair fall in men. A research says that each 5 out of 10 men are affected by male pattern baldness, at any stage of their life to any extent.


Causes of Male Pattern Baldness

The androgens hormones are associated with the regulation of hair growth, the hair fall in men may be genetic or may be due to these male sex hormones (androgens). When you are affected with male pattern baldness you will see that the hair strands are becoming shorter & finer, this happens because of the weakening of hair growth cycle & shrinking of hair follicle. Sometimes hair loss may be caused after starting any new medications, if that happens you must see a doctor to discuss the issue in detail. Some disease medications can also cause baldness like cancer, thyroid conditions and use of anabolic steroids.

Different types of methods & techniques are used to diagnose the type of hair loss which the patient is facing. Pattern of hair loss, fungal condition of scalp and nutritional disorders are the main points to find the right cure for restoration of hair. Sometimes Skin biopsy & blood tests are also used in addition to above symptoms to diagnose the reasons of disorder leading to hair loss.

It is commonly seen that the men affected with hair loss have close relatives with male pattern baldness especially from the maternal side of the family. Normally the hair loss starts in the teenage but it starts to be visible in adult men and probability increases with the age to be affected with complete loss of hairs.

How to check if you are losing hair or not? the hair loss starts from the temples or the crown of the head. if this condition can be seen on your side then you may be affected with male pattern baldness, in some patients there is only one bald spot while on the other side one may face receding of hairline until all the hairs are gone.

Medications for hair loss are not necessary but for people who prefer to appear better with full head of hairs may use different techniques to overcome the hair loss visibility. Hair styles are one of the options in which you can use the skills of your hairstylist for a custom haircut which can hide your hair loss.

Other options include Wigs & hairpieces, both of these options can cover thinning of hair, receding hairlines & for complete baldness. Custom styles, color can be opted in to get a natural look suited to your recent personality, best wig stylist can help you in these regards to look more natural.

For people who faced a less amount of hair loss can use 'WEAVES' these are wigs which are sewn with your natural hair. They always remains on your head, while bathing, swimming, sleeping but the condition is that you should have enough natural hair to sew the weave into you head. The disadvantage of hair Weave includes the damage of your natural hair and the need to sewn again after new hair growth.


Medical treatments

1. Minoxidil (Rogaine) is foam and is applied to scalp, it slows down the hair loss process and helps hair follicles in the growth of new hair. You are needed to apply the Minoxidil for about 4 to 12 months, then you will see visible results on your head, soon after you quit the use of medication hair fall may come back. Some side effects include weight gain, chest pain, swelling of face, hands, ankles or abdomen if you have any issue you should consult a doctor immediately.

2. Finasteride also known as Propecia or Proscar, it is an oral medication which act to slow down the hair loss process and at the same time it blocks the production of male hormone trigerring hair loss. Results of Finasteride become visible after the use of 3 to 12 months, time varies patient to patient if after 12 months the results are not visible then your doctor will asks you to stop using Finasteride. There are several side effects of Finasteride some of them are rash, breast tenderness, painful ejaculation, pain in testicles, depression & some others.

3. Hair Transplant, it is an expensive and invasive method to deal with hair loss. In this method, hairs from the donor area of scalp are transplanted to the thinning or balding area of scalp, number of sessions are required to produce desired results and a head with full of hair (no. of sessions depends on the extent of hair loss). Hair transplant is more permanent and natural solution for hair restoration.


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