What Is a Hair System? Used In Hair Restoration


For the restoration of hairs with non-surgical method, the technique used is called hair systems, hair systems are tailored to each person with custom shape according to the bald area which is required to cover up in the assignment.

Hair systems are implemented on your head without damaging your natural hairs, as in hair systems the base is not weaved with natural hair line. Hair systems which use ultra fine – Swiss Lace as the base is best for sweaty scalp, because this base serves best breathing of scalp and you can wear it in well hot season as long as you can.

Hair system with which use Swiss Lace as the base are comfortable for the wearer for 24 hrs a day, 7 days of week. You can shampoo these hair systems both on your head with natural hairs and as a separate hair piece just like a WIG, hair systems also allows you to comb it and change your hair style according to your get-up and community which you are going to visit.

In hair systems, the base of Swiss-Lace is matched with your skin tone and cut in the specific size to fit in your bald area while covering up it and producing a natural hair look. Then the hairs are inserted in the base with the help of a needle and is tied to the base with a knot, this gives it a strong adhesion with the base and makes it flexible to custom hair styles which you can change daily.


Salient features of Hair Systems

1. Hair system allows you to comb your hairs just like natural hairs.
2. You can wear it throughout all of your daily activities like, swimming, jumping, golfing and many others in which traditional WIG fails especially in high speed blows of wind.
4. You can wear hair systems, up to 4 weeks constantly
5. Light in weight and undetectable
6. You can change your hair style whenever you desire it.


Hair Club Offices

12/13,K Main Boulevard, Gulberg (Near Telenor Head Office)
Tel: 042-35877256-7
Fax 042-35715475

Suite # 17, Top Floor, Beverly Centre, Blue Area
Tel: 051-2873666-7

159-B Sindhi Muslim Society, behind Embassy Inn Hotel,
Shahra-e-Faisal Karachi
Tel:021-35838429 , 35833050

335-B, Satiana Road, Near ECS, Mcdonald
Tel: 041-8733424 , 8734424

75-D, Qasim Road, Multan Cantt.

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