Does Finasteride Cause Impotence? - Side Effects Of Finasteride Explained


Many drugs are available in the market to treat the hair loss in men, Finasteride and Rogaine (Minoxidil) are also used for the treatment of hair loss.

People often ask different types of questions about these drugs, their side effects on sexual relationship and much more. In this article we will try to discuss the question that whether Finasteride cause impotence in males or not.

Doctor treats many patients with hair drugs, the results of each drug vary from person to person. But here I will share some experiences with you, many people uses Finasteride for a long time (In years) and have no side effects or very little of it.

Normally the side effect finishes when patient leave the medicine, but at the other side we have found some (Very little) cases in which male shows the side effects even after discontinuing the drug.

The manufacturing company (Merck) of Finasteride says that Propecia (1mg finasteride) affects less than 2% men’s sexual relationship (Impotence) and these side effects normally overcome by the person when he stops using the drug.

The side effects which you can face while using Finasteride can includes

1. Loss of libido
2. Less frequent erection of impotence
3. Softer erection of impotence

Some other side effects also includes, breast development and testicular pain. Mostly doctor recommend using Finasteride for hair loss treatment at the last step of treatment; there are many drugs available which can be used before using Finasteride as the final solution.


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